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What does Live-Edge Wood Slab?

Live-edge defines the unfinished edge of the woodwork. It is the periphery of wood not altered by hand tools or woodworking machinery. As a result, the untouched end of slabs and furniture retains the original characteristics of a tree; its shape, and bark. This design element is referred to as a live-edge.

Live-edge has been used to describe a theme and genre of wood furniture making, wood art, and products. It is a style of woodworking where the artist incorporates the living edge of the wood into the finished product. And if you like the raw appeal of live-edge carpentry you’ll be happy to know that there is a large range of applications for live-edge.


As the popularity of live edge wood design grows and technology in woodworking gets more advance we see more and more products made in the style of live-edge. Everything from table tops and consoles to shelves and bar stools is designed to capture the raw lines and rustic appeal that live-edge woodwork offers.