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//Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

We are manufacturer of  unusual and unique furniture decor in Indonesia! We are working with interior designers, furniture stores and wholesaler. Our mission is to create beautiful handcrafted home decoration accessories and furnishings that are made from natural stone and solid hardwood including suar wood, teak wood, mahogany wood and other hard wood originally from Indonesia.

When it comes to interior design, it is essential to have the right furnishings to decorate the home. With the correct design elements those home interiors will have a warm comfortable feeling. Infused with a sleek finesse and refinement that are utterly unique and inimitable, Jatilama Wood collection reinforces the feeling of timeless beauty.

The highlight of our products is the Suar Slab Table or natural live edge table. When considering its hardiness and striking wood grains, Suar wood makes a fitting choice for sizeable table tops like conference tables and dining tables. However, it is not limited to colossal table tops as its beautiful wood figure makes it befitting as an exquisite centrepiece in any working or living space.

Because of its fast growing capability compared to other tree type, Suar tree can produce massive Suar wood slabs for production of large furniture with beautiful and interesting wood grains. These beautiful hardwood slab tops are custom made in sizes from two meter long up to four meters long. Live edge boards, cabinet lumber, natural edge wooden coffee table, slab furniture, hardwood timber slab, solid wood counter tops and lumber slabs that are all made from renewable plantation woods.

Please inform us about your requirements and we can help you to customise your custom made slab wood dining furniture direct from our factory.

World wide shipping by sea is available. Special ocean cargo freight shipping rates to Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA container sea ports.

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