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Suar wood tree, also known as Acacia, Rain tree or Monkey pod is a fast growing tropical tree that grows up to heights of 25m. The botanical names for Suar tree are Saman Samanea, Inga Saman and Albizia Saman. This attractive tree is one of the most commonly planted avenue and park trees in the tropics.

Suar wood is not an endangered species. It is a fast growing wood species. The Albizia Saman species has a conservation status of G5 – Globally, the Albizia Saman is widespread, abundant and is in no danger of extinction.

Suar wood has crisscrossed interlocking grains that are resistant to cracking from wood movement and is highly sought after for its robustness. Moderately heavy but extremely strong it is favourable for furniture making.

When considering its hardiness and striking wood grains, Suar wood makes a fitting choice for sizeable table tops like conference tables and dining tables. However, it is not limited to colossal table tops as its beautiful wood figure makes it befitting as an exquisite centrepiece in any working or living space.

Because of its fast growing capability compared to other tree type, Suar tree can produce massive Suar wood slabs for production of large furniture with beautiful and interesting wood grains.